Genuine Blue Star Sapphire Ring 925 Sterling Silver / Halo-Style

Ring Size: 5


This halo-style blue star sapphire sterling silver ring features, a genuine, earth-mined blue star sapphire gemstone accented by earth-mined topaz gemstones.The gemstones are set in a solid .925 sterling silver ring setting. The blue star sapphire is dark/deep blue in tone, and displays a 6-ray floating star (asterism), which is most readily visible under direct sunlight.


Main Gemstone: Star Sapphire Accent Gemstones: White Topaz Ring Setting
Size: 8 x 6 mm
Weight: ~2.2 ct 
Cut: Cabochon
Clarity: Naturally Opaque
Color: Dark Blue (Floating Star)
Origin: Earth-Mined 

Size: 2 x 2 mm (13 Stones)
Weight: ~0.4 ct 
Cut: Cushion-Cut
Clarity: VVS
Color: White
Origin: Earth-Mined

Metal: 0.925 Sterling Silver
Method: Cast
Type: Halo-Style
Sizes 5-11.5 Available
Origin: Handmade

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